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Making Meeting Minutes Matter

Course Description

Tired of reading meeting minutes that confuse rather than clarify? Exasperated about meeting minutes that give a blow-by-blow synopsis of what was said, but not what was decided and who should do what before the next meeting? This four-hour session will present techniques to capture salient points in a discussion; to condense those points into concise, yet comprehensive, summaries of the issues; and to capture accompanying action items. Participants will practice these techniques during two simulated meetings.

Key Objectives

  • Understanding your role in the six meeting processes
  • Creating a tell-all agenda as a framework to capture notes
  • Using the MADE Format® to draft your meeting minutes
  • Selecting salient points leading to conclusions and decisions
  • Asking probing questions to clarify issues, conclusions, actions
  • Being sensitive to special reactions and semantics in wording
  • Creating an eye-appealing layout for easy review

Who Should Attend

Anyone who records meeting minutes


Class Size

Up to 20 participants

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