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September 2008 

Dianna Booher's Podcast

Communicate with Confidence Podcast

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Do your emails, reports, and proposals get the action you want?
Are your lackluster presentations skills stalling your career?

Our two-day Strategic Writing workshop leads you through the thinking process to create clear, action-oriented messages. You'll write faster and present the appropriate image to clients, colleagues, and the public.
Based on Dianna Booher's E-Writing @ Reduce writing time
@ Use strategic organizational formats
@ Improve clarity to prevent mistakes
@ Write authoritatively
@ Eliminate grammatical errors
@ Select styles appropriate to a professional image
Our two-day Presentations That Work program focuses on instruction and practice in organization, delivery skills, visual design and use, and question-and-answer periods. You'll receive personalized, confidential feedback and develop a self-improvement action plan.
Based on Dianna Booher's Speak with Confidence!  Reduce preparation time
Increase rapport and persuasiveness
Organize your ideas for impact
Design and use visuals effectively
Develop a dynamic delivery style
Think on your feet under fire

Upcoming Public Workshops

Strategic Writing

September 22-23, 2008

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

October 6-7, 2008

Houston, TX

October 27-28, 2008

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

November 10-11, 2008

Chicago, IL

Presentations That Work

September 24-25, 2008

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

October 8-9, 2008

Houston, TX

October 29-30, 2008

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

November 12-13, 2008

Chicago, IL

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Whether your interest is in writing, oral presentations, interpersonal communication, customer service, or meeting facilitation, Booher can help you and your organization increase productivity through effective communication.

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