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Our Approach

Behavior Change

Change in critical communication skills should be quick; results, long lasting. Change has to harden into habits. To accomplish such communication skills change and productivity gains, Booher analyzes your current situation, and then outlines the path to your goals. Behavior change happens only with these communication skills training components in place:

Learning principles based on solid research
Group events to create awareness of the need for communication skills improvement and change
Engaging learning activities that create excitement and motivate employees to form new communication habits and processes
Employees who have an understanding of the logic behind the communication skills change
Access to job-aids to reinforce communication skills learning
Communication from management that supports the behavioral change and improved communication performance on the job.
Communication with cross-functional teams that must cooperate to achieve joint goals
Coaching of managers on ways to support new communication skills on the job
Communication performance tracking to measure results and motivate for the long-term payoff