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Our Approach

Our Approach to Communication Skills Training

P.I.E. - Productivity, Image, Effectiveness

Booher can help you realize substantial improvements in performance through effective communication skills. As a client, you'll see a significant, measurable bottom-line return on your investment.

We want you, our clients, to have the whole PIE:

Reduce writing time in generating documents (email, letters, reports, proposals, procedures) with a five-step repeatable writing process and a basic, reusable writing format.

Save reading time with concise, clear documents.

Improve morale by avoiding the write-edit-rewrite syndrome.

Eliminate redundant communication that clutters inboxes, distracts from daily tasks, and causes readers to ignore important communication.

Reduce the volume of emails due to miscommunication.

Reduce the time spent in preparing presentations with a systematic approach and structure.

Reduce meeting time, with information and ideas presented in a clear, usable format.

Reduce the length of meetings and improve the outcome with better meeting facilitation skills and processes.

Eliminate rework caused by poor listening skills.

Build credibility with improved business writing skills and telephone skills of your first-line responders to customers.

Improve credibility for your product or service with well-written sales proposals.

Increase brand loyalty with communication that builds confidence and trust among your customers.

Generate action with clear, concise, focused emails and reports.

Increase revenue with more effective communication to clients throughout the sales and marketing cycle. Improve sales presentation skills. Write proposals that sell rather than tell. Create engaging dialogue and ensure better listening, more focused meetings, and more responsive implementation of client solutions.

Improve employee retention with clear and more frequent executive communication and cross-functional communication.

Build rapport with customers and prospects by correct, responsive emails and courteous phone calls that answer specific questions.

Improve customer satisfaction when your service agents respond quickly to resolve customer issues and present “bad news” messages in a positive manner.

As you partner with us to accomplish specific strategic initiatives, we’ll approach your project by focusing on these five powerful communication skills training philosophies:

Experience for yourself what makes Booher Consultants different as a communication performance improvement firm:

Proprietary Content and Communication Principles: We provide easy-to-use models and repeatable processes.

Measurable Results: We’ll track results or lead you to track the payoff for your communication training investment.

Customization of Solutions: You tell us your communication objectives, and we’ll lead you to accomplish them—from writing better status reports to responding more authoritatively to tough questions.

Multiple Formats for Delivery: Classroom training, online courses, personal coaching—whatever your situation, help is available and easily accessible.

Proven Track Record: Call our clients for their communication success stories, or click here to review a few case studies.

Administrative Support and Service: We shoulder the training logistics so you can focus on your real job.